My v4.2 scripts/modules

As I progress, I've written several modules and scripts, where possible I publish them as open source.

Aims: created commented, example modules and scripts to make them easier for others to read,  as I myself found it difficult to get going in Terp as a python newbie, and with terp having almost zero comments/doc strings in the code.

RPC/Web service interface Scripts:

  1. Import partners from a CSV test format via RPC.
  2. Import partners contacts from a CSV test format via RPC.
  3.  List first 100 invoices (headers). For an invoices in the 'open' state, list the detail lines and taxes too.
  4. create a hard code invoice example.

Module addons

  1. l10n_ie_minimal: an early (not even alpha code) to define Irish localisation
  2. sb_travel: Code for a working reference example. Travel Module example on
  3. p0_partner_extended: extend partners with a few fields
  4. p0_contact_extended: extend partner contacts with a few fields
  5. sb_sale_extended:
  6. sb_stockpoly: A simple module for managing the stock of polythene reels which are
       received in lots. Its also a sample program for object definition/inheritance, caculated fields and menus/views.
  7. partner2.module: early alpha code extending partners, ignore it.
  8. p0_activate: add a custom button to Order confirmation, call an external script, modify the sales workflow

There are also links to useful sites/documentation notes

The scripts are GPL/OpenSource

The SVN repository is

Read-only access to this repository: user=public, password=public

For write access, ask me (I welcome contributes, if any modules become big enough they can be transferred to Google code or SourceForge)