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You are hereOpen-userp backups

Open-userp backups

From cron I usually backup all database regularly, some ones daily, and delete backups older than 40 days.

0  4    * * 6   su postgres -c "export LANG=C; pg_dump -Fc --compress=9 --file=/var/backups/postgres/MYDB.$$  MYDB"
0  4    * * 6   su postgres -c "export LANG=C; pg_dump --clean --column-inserts --attribute-inserts --file=/var/backups/postgres/MYDB.$$  MYDB"
0  4    * * 6   su postgres -c "export LANG=C; pg_dumpall -o > /var/backups/postgres/all.$$";
0  6    * * 6   find /var/backups/postgres -xdev -ctime +40 -type f -exec rm \{\} \;

Then-us the server itself (and especially /var/backups /opt /etc) is backed up using backuppc (or a similar tool).