Weekend en montagne

Submitted by sean on Fri, 07/02/2010 - 00:38

Last weekend gave some real sun at last. So, rushed off from work to Villeneuve to go paragliding at 16h, but the next navette was full and impatience told me to go to Haut Caux to catch the train for Jaman. Missed that too, but after 90minute walk I was ready to take off from the Merdasson.It was late, 17h50 with a bit of North wind, so I was surprised to be catapulted to 2600m! A quick tour of the Vanil des Artses, Molard and Sonchaux rounded a nice 1h flight, with the usual delicate landing at Haut Caux.

Saturday morning started early, off to climb Le Fil du Temps with Mireille, near Sembrancher. We started walking at 7h30 and had done the 7 lengths (5b-6a) and walked back down by 11h30! Being in the shade is was not too hot, and the difficulty level ws just right.

Off to Verbier for 2 paragliding flights next, the best one being a tour of the Ruinettes, point des Rosses, Rongneux (max alt.of 3300m), Ruinettes, Pierre Avoi and finally Chable. Exhilarating.

Sunday was also an early start, off at 7h30 for a 1.5h drive to the Stockhorn for a CAS Famille outing with Fiona and Julie: a few easy 4b for the kids and then an ridge of 7 lengths ranging from 2-4. Very aerienne, but good alpine experience (practising knots, lead climber) although being responsible for two girls behind you is a bit worrying.

Slept well sunday night..