Working with prestashop

After initially working with tarballs, it turned out easier to work with Subversion: update fixes, see the diffs of new releases with my installed version to judge the impact etc.

The page is used to track progress and issues while implementing Prestashop (PS) at and

Last update: 1.May'09 tests on SVN 801.


Issues to solve soon

Issues: low priority

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Features missing that would be nice

Modules to try sometime

Security Advisories

  • CVE-2008-5791 vulnerabilities in PrestaShop prior to v1.1 Beta 2

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As I work with Subversion (SVN), the procedure I follow is as follows. As one can see upgrading with SVN release is not trivial, so consider using final releases where possible (even with SVN).

  • Set up a development machine and test there first!
  • Check out a new copy of the PS trunk.
  • Make a list of each file changed in the previous tree (e.g. Tortoise SVN >> Check for modifications)
    • For each file modified, copy over to the new tree, but rename the file to be replace with file.orig (actually check all files you change into RCS to allow tracking without affecting SVN)
    • For each file modified, do an SVN diff to review changes.
    • Copy over non versioned files (e.g. images added)
    • Copy over config/
  • Status 14.2.09: 
    Version Prod SVN revision 298/9.Jan.09, Dev SVN 463/10.Feb.09 (see SQL upgrade script attached below)
  • Read the SVN log of changes since the last upgrade, take note of any major changes such as DB or compatibility issues.
    svn log -r 298:463|more
    svn diff -r 298:463 CHANGELOG
  • Copy over the DB (if on a different machine), lets assume the DB is called vl2, with user prestashop, password PASS:

    mysql create database vl2
    mysql vl< prod_backup.sql                  # DB backup
    grant all on vl2.* to prestashop identified by 'PASS';
    vi config/

  • Check file permissions

    cd /var/www/shop1                            # assume we install in this dir
    chown -R boran * .                             # assume we work as "boran", apache runs as group "www-data"
    chgrp -R www-data .
    chmod -R g+rx * .htaccess
    chmod 755 .
    chmod -R g+rwx img mails modules themes/prestashop/lang translations upload download
    chmod g+w config upload download tools/smarty/compile/ sitemap.xml config/
    chmod -R a+rwx img    # don't know why but regenerate would not work otherwise

  • Database upgrade: for each of the follows SQL files, the changes will have to be detected, then an SQL upgrade script built (e.g. using Tortoise SVN + diff + highlighting).
    • Check for changes to the sql upgrade file:
      svn diff -r 298:463 install-dev/sql/upgrade| more
    • Then double check that the upgrade file is complete by diff'ing the DB structure, required content and optional content [I found changes in db_settings* for example, that were not reflected in the upgrade file]:
      svn diff -r 298:463 db.sql | more
      svn diff -r 298:463 db_settings_extends.sql |more
      svn diff -r 298:463 db_settings_lite.sql |more
  • Tuning that may be needed for the upgraded shop:

# disable friendly URLs on development system, Regenerate thumbnails, maybe change the theme is needed, switch paypal to sandbox mode
Back Office >> Preferences  
Back Office >> Preferences >> Image >> Regenerate thumbnails
Back Office >> Preferences >> Apparence >> Teme >> Vl
Back Office >> Payment >> Paypal > Sand box mode

# Maybe change emails alerts:
Back Office >> Modules >> Mail alerts
Back Office >> Employees >> Contacts
Back Office >> Preferences >> Contact >> Shop Email

# Add TEST to the shop name if needed:
Back Office >> Preferences >> Contact >> Shop name