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General Security

Title Latest draft
An Overview of Corporate Information Security security_space.html
Tips on evaluating/buying security tools testing_products.html
The Matrix Model matrix1.pdf


Security Tool Evaluations

Title Latest draft
Internationally Available Strong Crypto Products int_crypto.html (quite old)
All about SSH - part I 
All about SSH - part II  (OpenSSH)
Sunscreen EFS 3 Firewall SunscreenEFS.html
Personal Firewalls / Intrusion Detection Systems / 
ADSL firewalls & routers

All PF reports


System & Application Hardening: Improving Host Security

Title Latest draft
Hardening BIND 8 / DNS bind_hardening8.html
Hardening BIND 9 bind9_20010430.html (updated)
Hardening Solaris:
1. Solaris 7 (manual hardening)

2. Solaris 7/8 (+ Yassp beta#5/Sunscreen)

3. Solaris 6/7/8 draft (Yassp beta#12)

4. Solaris 8 hardening with Jass v0.3 (DRAFT)

Post Installation doc.
Interview with Jean Chouanard
Also: Comparison of Hardening tools.(old draft)

Solaris Security tips digest:

  • May-Dec 2000
  • Jan-June 2001



Solaris_hardening4.html  (updated)


Hardening Redhat6.1/ Mandrake 7.0 Linux with Bastille.
Contributions to SANS guides:
Windows NT Security, Step by Step
Computer Security Incident Response Handling, Step by Step
• Solaris Hardening v2
Hardening Applications (draft) application_hardening.html
(continuous updates)
Compiling Apache (draft) apache_notes.html


Weekly Security Newsletters

Title Latest draft
Weekly Solaris Security Digest
(May 2000 - July 2001)



Tips 2000
Tips Jan-Jun2001

Weekly Security Tools Digest
(8th Sept. 2000 - July 2001)


Good Reads 
(updated regularly)



Tools are kept on a separate page

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