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Hardening Solaris

by Seán Boran

I've written several different articles on Solaris, each with a slightly different approach:

  1. Solaris 7 (manual hardening)  Solaris_hardening1.html - This is pretty old stuff, but a useful introduction.

  2. Solaris 7/8 (+ Yassp beta#5)  Solaris_hardening2.html - THIS IS OLD/OUT-OF-DATE

  3. Solaris 6/7/8 (Yassp beta#15 / Sunscreen) Solaris_hardening3.html
    • Post Installation doc. after.html (this also includes a large list of other hardening articles), todo, faq
    • Interview with Jean Chouanard interview_chouanard.html
    • Also: Comparison of Hardening tools. (pretty old)

  4. Solaris + Jass v0.3  Solaris_hardening4.html (the latest and greatest, includes a review of Jass)

  5. General UNIX/Solaris Security: "Securing UNIX Chapter" in the IT Security Cookbook:

  6. Solaris Security and Tips (stopped in July 2001):

  7. Tools:


© Copyright 2001, Seán Boran, All Rights Reserved, Last Update: 19 avril, 2002