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1 About this document

1.1 How to read this document

Look at the table of contents to understand the structure of this document. Go to the section that interests you.

1.2 Scope / Objectives

This document has the following objectives:

  1. To briefly discuss threat & risk analysis.
  2. To outline the ingredients necessary to define a security policy and to provide a framework (based on standards such as ITSEC and TCSEC) for deciding how tightly systems need to be secured.
  3. To outline (sample) policies, processes, structure and responsibilities required in a security organisation.
  4. To present current security mechanisms.
  5. To briefly present physical security (concerning IT systems).
  6. To provide a detailed list of technical guidelines for

A detailed list of Security Information resources (such as CERT, FIRST, TCSEC and ITSEC) are listed in the Appendix, along with sample scripts and programs. 

1.3 Who should read this document?

1.4 Corrections/Mistakes

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1.5 Copyright

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