IT Security Cookbook

OBJECTIVES This book is intended as a 'self help' guide to computer & network security, primarily for security managers, programmers and system administrators.
  • Briefly discuss threat & risk analysis.
  • Provide a framework for deciding how tightly systems need to be secured (classification)
  • How to create security policies, processes, structure and responsibilities required in a security organisation.
  • Presentation of logical & physical security mechanisms.
  • Provide technical guidelines for UNIX, Firewalls, NT, Web, Win95, OLTP, Oracle, Sybase, Java, Office applications, Programming and TCP/IP Networks.
  • Update this book on a regular basis.
  • Read the short introduction first. If you're interested in technical guidelines, rather than organisation / policies, read the practical security summary before hitting the techie sections.
  • Don't forget the search link on the left, it should be handy for reference purposes.
  • A browse through the appendices will be worthwhile, there's quite alot in there.
  • It is recommend that you "maximise" your browser to make viewing easier.
  • There is a lot of new material in articles I've written since I wrote this book, see 
  • Feedback on errors, omissions and well as suggestions on form and content are welcome via email. Contributions to content are also welcome.
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  • This book is a Copyright of Sean Boran, 1996 -2003, Open Content License(OPL)
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List of changes to this book: see the changelog
Disclaimer: While the author tries to ensure that the information in this book is accurate, no liability will be accepted for mistakes, misuse of this information, or damage resulting from inaccurate information.

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