IT Security Cookbook: History of Changes

----------------2009 ---------------
14.Jul Note from Hyungkeun Park: the translation into Korean has moved to

----------------2008 ---------------
10.May The translation into Korean by Hayon Lee has moved to

----------------2004 ---------------
10.May The translation into Korean by Hayon Lee has move to

----------------2003 ---------------
02.Jun  The translation into Korean by Hayon Lee has move to 
13.Jan  Update PDF and HTML bundle for download. Sp.pdf was especially in need of update.

----------------2002 ---------------
11.Aug Correction of Unix1/NIS+ notes.
31.Jul Security Mechanisms minor fixes.
13.Jul Common
Criteria notes
26.Jun Application dev. references
08.May Update references.

01.Feb Guardian Digital / LinuxSecurity are now hosting this book. Thanks to them!
23.Jan OpenSSH 3.0 notes

----------------2001 ---------------
12.Oct Update Chap20/Country Laws & audit checklist, Chap2/Compliance
06.Sep Updated UNIX hardening references. Put this document under the Open Content License(OPL)
05.Sep I see the Indian Government use some material from this book :-)
10.May ASP Programming
30.Apr The book is now available in PDF (Acrobat) format, for those who have paid. Check out the download area.
04.Mar Networks: SNMP. The Korean translation is quite advanced.
15.Feb Applications: Perl & Win2k programming references, Private Keys Exposed in Java 1.1
29.Jan Corrections to unix2, add links to Programming Guidelines, Correct references.
05.Jan Applications (update notes on ActiveX, improvements to Programming Guidelines)

----------------2000 --------------
31.Dec'00 Applications (cgi-programming: add Xato ref.)
15.Dec'00 Applications (code checking tools), Firewall (pen.testing), UNIX1, NT2, First Korean Draft published. Solaris sysadmins may want to check out the substantial improvements to the Hardening guidelines.
06.Nov.00 Add NT password recovery methods and tools.
05.Nov'00: Update Firewalls/Drawbridge, Applications/Java security links+ Tools for code checking, Brazil
28.Sep.'00 Update Firewalls chapter with a reference to a great IPfilter/ipchains/OpenBSD book/resource.
19.Sep'00 Update penetration testing in the firewalls chapter.
10.Aug'00 Added a page explaining about the project to fund Youth Work in Brazil with the revenue from online Sales.
07.Aug'00: Modulo are going to translate the policy chapter into Spanish and Portuguese and convert the existing chapter to Word. We'll make these word files available to Cookbook subscribers for free.
28.Jul'00  Separate changelog from welcome page.
21.Jul'00: Minor updates to Firewalls, NT, DB, Networks, Unix2, Windows.
23.Jun'00 The Daemonmall has been fixed (it was down for several weeks)
20-Jun'00 Update OS Overview. Decided to divide ALL proceeds between OpenBSD and supporting Brazilian Youth work (retroactive to Mar'00).
09.Jun'00 Improve page layouts. Update mechanisms.
20.Apr'00 Firewalls: sunscreen & log analysis update.
04.Apr'00  Announcement: This Book will be translated into Korean by Hayon Lee
17.Mar'00 Fixed Common Criteria, References to itsec.html.
15.Mar'00 Add link for
online ordering of this Book. 25% of proceeds go to the OpenBSD crew.
08.Mar'00 Update references, pc chapter.
26.Feb'00 Minor fixes to policies, firewalls, nt, biblio.

----------------1999 ----------
12.Nov'99  Update OS Overview.
24.Oct'99  Update firewalls: Guantlet, Sinus, BOF, BlackICE and ssh notes.
09.Sep'99 Update Unix1/Unix2, ssh notes, hardening.
29.Aug'99 Add SSH page, Update hardening notes.
04.Aug'99 Update hardening notes, UNIX/ftpd, references. TOC.
26.May'99 Add Webserver best practices, Update OS Overview with NT ITSEC. List of local ref.material. Linux hardening.
16.May'99 Added new Java Applet for contents.
Please try out If feedback is positive, I'll make it the default frame layoutPlease send me the output of the Java Console if you have problems (I've tested with NS3.04, NS4.5, IE 4.01).
30.Mar'99 Update References: contacts.Major update to firewalls.
20.Mar'99 Minor fixes to references, NT stuff, Polices, Introduction, bibliography, Applications,   practical security summary. itsec.htm renamed. Added missing Doc_CodeSigning.html.Add Netmind button below for notification of changes.
08.Jan'99  Add objectives above & improve checklist for installing a Solaris Firewall host (with sample SSH config & tripwire script).

----------------1998 ----------
31.Dec'98 Moved from to
29.Dec'98 Minor update to OS Overview, NT1, Definitions.
23.Dec'98 Add NT registry entries nt_tips.reg.
18.Dec'98 Minor fixes to NT chapters, Networks: add OSI diagram, Mechanisms: improve encryption images.
14.Nov'98 Many minor fixes: Dumpacl, javascript, misc, biblio.
25.Oct.'98 Minor fixes to physical & miscellaneous.
09.Oct'98 Declared this book FREE.
06.Oct.'98 Update this page with new layout. Added other links.
01.Sep'98 Added link to SC Magazine. Updated DOS/Windows chapter.
15.Aug'98 Updated Win95, Mechanisms: SSH.
31.July'98 Added search facility.
24.May'98 Mechanisms: Add F-Desktop & Applications: prog.guidelines & Intranet..
17.May'98 Update Sunscreen/SKIP stuff; Firewalls, Mechanisms, Acks.
02.May'98 Minor updates to references, policy, encryption
26.Apr'98 Updated UNIX Part 1, Part 2 (minor HTML & link changes) .
29.Mar'98 Updated Applications, scripts & notes on the NT resource kit .
14.Mar'98 Updated NT registry & Applications ( dev guidelines ) and fixed their TOC's html.
01.Mar'98 Reduced image sizes. Fixed navigation buttons, TOCs.
06.Feb'98 First published version on the web.

------------------ 1996 -----------------------------------------------
10.Dec'96 First version in Word format...


Copyright Sean Boran, Open Content License(OPL), Last Update: 10 mai, 2004

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